JetPrivilege is Now InterMiles-Travel and Lifestyle Reward Program

By | November 15, 2019

JetPrivilege is Now InterMiles-Travel and Lifestyle Reward Program.We all knew JetPrivilege for long time now they have changed to InterMiles wef 14th Nov 2019 onwards and somethings have changed and made more interesting from before. Well in this article we will see the additional benefits and privileges added to it and how you can earn additional miles and enjoy its benefits.


Welcome to InterMiles

The most rewarding Travel and Lifestyle programme.

At InterMiles, we believe that every journey deserves to be rewarding – whether it’s the purpose it fulfils, the experiences it brings or the memories it leaves you with.

With InterMiles, you’ll never need another rewards programme. It gives you access to the widest network of travel and lifestyle partners. Which means, that you will earn InterMiles across everything, from airlines and hotel bookings around the world, to shopping, dining and more.

As an InterMiles member, it doesn’t matter where you earn your InterMiles from, because every Mile you earn will get you closer to Tier upgrades and additional benefits and privileges.

And the best part? You can redeem them for flights across airlines, free stays at hotels, fuel or for shopping for your favourite products on our Reward Store.

InterMiles makes all of it – and more – possible.

Come be part of our programme and experience the benefits that millions of our members enjoy every single day. Enrol now and start your rewarding journey today!

How to earn and Redeem InterMiles?

Well there are lots of ways to earn and redeem InterMiles. In the section we will see all the possible ways to earn and redeem InterMiles.

Different ways of Earning InterMiles

  1. Flight Booking : You earn InterMiles when you book your flights across multiple airlines worldwide on InterMiles website. And even you can earn additional  InterMiles on purchase of Seats select, Meal booking, Excess baggage and Travel Insurance(additional 250 miles/person). Earn upto 75 InterMiles on each meals purchase, Earn upto 1875 InterMiles on purchase of each excess baggage and Earn upto 150 InterMiles on each seat purchase. (Recent offer additional 2000 Miles on 1st flight booking on InterMiles.
  2. Hotels: Earn upto 10 InterMiles per 100 spent on InterMiles for hotel booking. And as per recent promotions you can earn additional 4000 InterMiles for first booking on Intermiles on minimum spent of Rs.2000. You can also earn some more InterMiles on writing hotel reviews on trip advisor via InterMiles.
  3. Shopping : One can earn much more InterMiles on shopping via InterMiles on different websites like Amazon, Flipkart, BigBasket, Myntra, ShopperStop, Decathlon, etc.  Even you can earn InterMiles on  Bill payments and Recharges, Gift Card Purchases , shopping at offline InterMiles Partners just quote your InterMiles no. while making purchases. All the details you will find at InterMiles Website.
  4. Dining : You can also earn InterMiles on booking table in hotels and restaurants for dining on InterMiles website. You can also quote your InterMiles no. in Dineout application while table booking.
  5. Converting Credit & Debit card points : On converting your credit card and debit card points to InterMiles you get bonus miles during promotions or else as per Bank’s conversion policy. If purchase is made using co-Branded credit cards then you can earn extra InterMiles like 2x or 5x sometimes even upto 10x.
  6. Other categories : Like if you fuel your vehicle at indian oil petrol pumps then you can extra InterMiles and also if you rent a car on InterMiles you will earn miles. 

Different ways of Redeeming InterMiles

You can redeem your InterMiles for booking flights on website, for buying anything from reward store , for booking hotels , transferring to friends or to relatives as gifts and even you can fuel your vehicles using miles. 

InterMiles Tiers and Benefits

The more InterMiles tries to change, the more it also wants to remain the same. That is why, the core set of benefits of this new programme still drive towards giving facilities to members such as Jet Airways used to do earlier, even if the programme has to pay for these to the service providers. At the core, there are five tiers:

  • InterMiles
  • Red: Earn 10,000/13,000 Qualifying InterMiles in 12 Months/18 Months
  • Silver: Earn 15,000/20,000 Qualifying InterMiles in 12 Months/18 Months
  • Gold: Earn 40,000/55,000 Qualifying InterMiles in 12 Months/18 Months
  • Platinum: Earn 80,000/110,000 Qualifying InterMiles in 12 Months/18 Months

In many terms, InterMiles tries to compensate for the same things it tries to cut away from, benefits at the airport and on-board an aircraft. But unlike earlier where you could use your JPMiles and Upgrade Vouchers to upgrade domestically as well as internationally, everything is now just domestic. Here is a brief snapshot of the benefits.

In this, InterMiles uses some of the ideas of the past, from their Jet Airways days. The elite bonuses remain the same as the days of JetPrivilege, also the attempt to provide a meal, lounge access and seat selection to their members. However, while it was unlimited freeearlier, you now get credits for each of these in your account, allowing you to use these benefits a finite number of times a year.

Here are the benefits explained:

  • Complimentary Lounge Access will be provided four times a year to Platinum Members and two times a year to Gold Members. You need to book your flight with to avail the benefit. The list of lounges is expansive but only available inside India. You can book lounges at the origin airport as well as transit airport (if the transit is over 90 minutes), but not at the destination airport.
  • Complimentary Seat Select benefit offers a wavier on seat select charge when booking either a Revenue Flight or an Award flight on On attainment of a tier, Members will be issued with benefit credits as per their tier entitlement (1 For Red/Silver, 2 for Gold, 4 for Platinum). Members need to be logged-in into their InterMiles Account to utilise this benefit while booking their flights, and can’t use them later. The benefit can be utilised by the Member for any passenger (self or any other passenger not necessarily an InterMiles Member). Each credit of this benefit can be utilised only for flights within India and on a per passenger per segment basis. This benefit must be utilised on bookings with travel date within the validity of the benefit.
  • Complimentary Meals on Flights: This benefit waives meal charge when booking either a Revenue Flights or an Award flight on On attainment of a tier, members will be issued with benefit credits as per their tier entitlement (1 For Silver, 2 for Gold, 4 for Platinum). Again, members need to be logged-in into their InterMiles Account to utilise this benefit while booking their flights only. The benefit can be utilised by the Member for any passenger (self or any other passenger not necessarily an InterMiles Member). Each credit of this benefit can be utilised only for flights within India and on a per passenger per segment basis. This benefit must be utilised on bookings with travel date within the validity of the benefit.
  • Elite Tier Bonus InterMiles will be earned on Etihad flights and Revenue Flights, Hotel stays, Shopping, restaurant table reservations and tours and activities booked through Platinum Tier members will earn 75%, Gold 50% and Silver 25% of the base miles earned. Earlier, activities such as hotel stays and table reservations and so on only earned miles to spend, and not tier miles.
  • 50% Cancellation waiver on Award Flights: This benefit is only extended to Platinum Members. It allows you to get 50% of your miles back when you cancel an award flight four times in one membership period. To avail the benefit, you need to cancel at least 72 hours before departure. This benefit can only be used on non-refundable award flights. However, the convenience fee will not be refunded to the Member on the utilisation of this benefit.
  • Discount on Excess Baggage: This is an optional benefit, and the member has to choose to get this benefit into their account if they want it. Available to Gold and Platinum members. Depending on the airline, Gold members will get one upfront discount/waiver of INR 375 on excess baggage, and Platinum members will get two vouchers of INR 750 for excess baggage.
  • Complimentary Fuel: Again, an optional benefit, which needs to opt-in. Gold Members get 2,000 InterMiles on opt-in, and Platinum members get 5,000 InterMiles on opt-in, which they can use only towards fuel redemption at IOCL petrol pumps. Essentially, one could get free fuel worth up to INR 1,250 with this benefit.
  • Discount on Hotel Booking: A third optional benefit, which allows you to get a discount on a hotel stay if you were to opt-in. Gold members will get an INR 1,000 discount on INR 8,000 hotel stay (or over), and Platinum members will get an INR 2,000 discount on INR 12,000 hotel stay(or over).
  • Etihad Airways benefits continue to be offered to Silver/Gold/Platinum members.

Credit Card Partnerships

The credit card partnerships all remain, at least for now. ICICI Bank and IndusInd Bank have already renamed their Jet Airways co-branded cards as InterMiles cards, for instance. American Express and HDFC Bank still have not, as of November 14, 2019. The new programme replaces the Jet Airways discounts with discounts on Etihad Airways tickets (10% for J and 5% for Y, booked via intermiles website), and a higher number of miles for Etihad Airways bookings made via the intermiles website. Platinum members continue to get the cards for free.

There are no longer any free ticket benefits on these cards, but there is an offer to get miles back on international redemptions via I am not sure if this is a one-off offer or will be ongoing at the moment.


According to me InterMiles should have been more flexible and awarding hope they will make changes coming future and bring out some unique features. Since they are  embarking on a new journey with InterMiles, built on sound business fundamentals, the trust of millions of members and the passion of a committed team. What started as a frequent flyer programme has, today, become the platform of choice that empowers our members to fulfill their travel and lifestyle aspirations. Hope to see more benefits in coming future.





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