Travel Club Lounge Kolkata Airport Review (T1 Domestic)

By | June 22, 2018

Travel Club Lounge is located at domestic terminal 1D, here I am writing full review of Travel Club Lounge kolkata airport. Mainly the economy class people access this lounge. Below are the details.

My Experience at Travel club lounge Kolkata airport

Whenever I travel by air I come to airport 3 hours earlier to access the lounge and enjoy meals and mocktails , completed my check in with quickly with self check-in counters to avoid the queue. And then quickly rushed towards Travel club lounge.

#1. Check in

There was queue of five people, and I followed it. When my turn came I took out my rupay platinum debit card they swiped it it was declined with no reason . Then again I gave them my ICICI Coral platinum debit card and this time it was accepted without any problem. You can access this lounge using Priority Pass, Dream Folks, OLA Select, MasterCard, Dinersclub card.

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Travel club lounge

Travel club lounge kolkata airport


Travel club lounge entrance


Cards accepted at lounge

#2. Seating 

There are only sofas to seat and enjoy the meals, drinks and TV . The soaps are not high class comfortable and still good way to take rest. Beside every seat there is charging point for mobiles and laptops. Below are the pics of same.



Lounge Interiors


lounge interiors

#3. Food and Drinks

There was both options veg and non-veg you can have both no one is stopping you . Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks were available . Cakes and pastries and rasogollas which is signature dish of kolkata. And there was special non-veg soup prepared for guest. I had little only just to try how is the quality of food.

My plate of food

#4. Facilities at Travel Club Lounge kolkata airport

  • Air Conditioning
  • Beverages (non-alcoholic & alcoholic)
  • Disabled Access
  • Flight Information Monitor
  • Newspapers/Magazines
  • Television
  • WiFi

View from Lounge


If you are flying from kolkata to anywhere then visiting this Travel Club Lounge(domestic ) is must or you can visit it at international terminal if you are travelling international. TFS lounge is best place to spend your free time .On top of that, availability of mouth watering Mocktail’s makes it a unique place to refresh yourself before the flight.

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Have you been to TFS Lounge at Kolkata? Feel free to share your experiences in comments below.

4 thoughts on “Travel Club Lounge Kolkata Airport Review (T1 Domestic)

  1. Rana

    How long can you access Travel Club lounge before departure? Is there any restrictions that you cannot use it for more than 2 hours?

    1. Rahul Post author

      Hello Rana ,

      Yes you can access the travel lounge before the departure its on the first floor after you enter security hold area . If you are paying and entering the lounge then you might have time restrictions but if you are entering through complimentary lounge access card facility then its unlimited . No one actually checks it.

  2. Amiya

    Nice article friend….. two things i need to know

    1.Are the food, drinks ( both alcoholic and non alco) free of cost or one needs to pay extra for them?

    If the access is through complimentary lounge access card facility ( be it using the ones that are displayed above in one of the pic for authentication)
    Will there be any amount that needs to be paid though the card…for accessing the lounge for unlimited time?

    1. Rahul Post author

      Thanks for compliment I am happy that you liked my post . lets come to the point.

      1. Whatever food would be displayed including tea coffee, fruits, pastries, coldrinks ,water etc all are free you don’t need to pay anything extra but coming to alcholic drink only some are free like tuborg n all rest are payable.

      2. If you are accessing through card facility then a small amount of Rs.2 would be deducted it depends upon bank to bank . And usage of card also depends upon which bank and what type of card you are using, if you are using high end card then its unlimited but normally for credit n debit cards it 2 times usage per quarter means 8 times in a year. Even if you use more than 2 times per quarter you can use but then the lounge charges would be deducted because while punching or swiping the card in the machine you won’t be able to see the amount which has been deducted hence you need remember that how many times you have used the card before accessing any lounge .


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